Our Business

Chemical Products Division

Of the many products that are indispensable in our everyday lives, most are manufactured by the chemical industry. As a trading company, we work to provide a stable supply of industrial chemicals that serve as raw materials, at the same time providing support and assistance for our users in their production activities.

Synthetic Resins Division

As a tertiary material, plastics have been undergoing significant changes. We encounter products incorporating plastics at almost every turn in our everyday lives. At Kiso Industry Co., Ltd., we are putting our wisdom and intelligence to work in making further discoveries in the potential of plastics and in developing new products.

Infrastructure Materials Division

Our products are integral elements in the countless and varied infrastructure projects that constantly contribute to an enhanced environment around us. As a partner to leading general contractors and buildersf offices, we supply not only our own products, but all kinds of civil engineering and infrastructure materials. By fulfilling our role as a trading company to the fullest, we help to create an environment in which people can enjoy comfortable and pleasant surroundings.

Food Products Division

Health-related needs are growing across the entire age spectrum, from infants to the elderly. Kiso Industry Co., Ltd. helps encourage the development of products tailored to the needs of the times, in the form of baby foods, health foods and other items, as well as supplying the market with intermediate products such as fruit juices, herbs and other grocery items. Our fine chemical products can be found meeting many needs in the fields of health food and medicine, and we play a supportive role in promoting healthy lifestyles.


At Kiso Industry Co., Ltd., we promote environmental management activities with a constant focus on environmental conservation through our business activities, office operations, products and services.


In addition to efforts aimed at conserving energy and labor, which are a given, we design and market various kinds of manufacturing equipment that help customers satisfy ISO14000 requirements and environmental needs.

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